Globenfeld Heligraph Men’s Fashion Wrist Watch

The first impression I had was the premium box it was packaged in along with a Certificate of Authenticity and a 5-year platinum warranty. The all-metal build quality on the watch is very durable and the genuine leather band is thick, smooth, and does not have a chemical smell.
The best part of the watch was the design that resembles a helicopter dial, especially the addicting stopwatch animated radar function. The watch is also 30 meter water resistant.
The glass and stainless steel backplate with logo and model number are thick and very durable.
Finally, I wish it had a date window without ruining the radar effect but it is not a big deal.


• The watch was in a premium packaged branded box that uses magnetic lid that opens up.
• The Certificate of Authenticity was also included with the manual.


• The all-metal case of the watch is thick and very durable.
• The genuine leather band feels smooth to the touch and does not feel sticky and has no chemical smell.
• The design is really nice, especially the radar like stopwatch display.
• Has 30M water resistance.
• Has a thick glass covering the watch face.
• Has a thick Stainless steel backplate with logo and information.


• Does not have a date window (probably not a con because then the animated radar effect would be ruined).

Comments and/or Suggestions:

• It would be nice if it included a date window without ruining the animated radar stopwatch function.

Bottom line:

Overall, a good quality watch with a beautiful design and a radar stopwatch animation that can be addicting.


NOTE: I bought this product at a discount for testing purposes, personal use, and to review it.


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