Ozeri BP2M CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Hypertension Color Alert Technology

The first thing I noticed was how small the blood pressure monitor is compared to other similar ones. The BP monitor has good accuracy and the color-coded hypertension alert system works well with bright LED lights. Also, I noticed that the power button is separate which is a good thing because some other BP monitors have a combined POWER/START button that is annoying.
There were no issues when the cuff is inflated and it does not come off because of  strong velcro. I noticed that the vertical viewing angle of the display is not that good but that is probably because the led light was on and not a big deal.


• Protected by a branded cardboard box which is also used as an information source that states the features of the device.
• The blood pressure monitor comes with a protective case.
• Includes an owner’s manual with instructions.


• Good quality and smaller than other blood pressure monitors.
• Easy to use without any issues and much smaller than other wrist blood pressure monitors.
• Bright color-coded lights for hypertension alert.
• The cuff does not come off and stays on when inflating.
• Has a separate power button.
• Good protective carrying case.
• Good BP accuracy.


• Not the best vertical viewing angle of the display.

Comments and/or Suggestions:

The display does not have good vertical viewing angle but that is probably because of the light and not really a big issue.

Bottom line:

A tiny blood pressure monitor with good accuracy and has a hypertension color alert feature.

NOTE: I received this product for testing purposes and for my unbiased review.

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