Ohala Mini Portable Am/Fm Radio Mp3 Music Player and Speaker Review

When I got this, I was surprised by the sound quality of the speaker (can be very loud) because I expected something cheap and mediocre. The portable player is light, easy to use, and has a solid build quality.
The main reason I got this was for the AM radio which was a disappointment. Even though the FM Radio was working OK, the AM radio was the one that has too much static and not many channels are working. The player has a MicroSD slot to use the MP3 player which works without any issues.
The LED display was easy to read but would be nice if it could be turned off to save battery. Another hing that anoyed me was that it used a mini USB to charge instead of the universal micro USB which is more common and I could have used my own cables if something were to happen to this one. The strap seems like it does not act as an antenna because I did not see that extra wire where the strap is tied which other players have.


• Packaged in a retail box with images and product features on it. (Model # L-188AM).
• Includes an instruction manual.
• Includes a mini USB cable for charging.


• Speaker quality is very good and has a good bass that can be felt (looks like it has two speakers).
• Portable, light, and has a solid build quality.
• Responsive buttons with good feedback.
• Easy to use MP3 player (music stored on your own MicroSD card or USB flash drive).
• Easy to read LED display.
• Rechargeable and removable battery.
• Includes an 800 mAh battery.
• Has a 3.5mm headphone jack/AUX

• The AM radio is useless and has excessive static.
• Uses a mini USB instead of micro USB for charging (cannot use my own micro USB cables).
• Seems like it does not have an antenna because the strap does not have that additional wire coming out from it).

Comments and/or Suggestions:

• The player needs a better antenna and a micro USB port.
• The radio needs a noise filter to suppress unwanted signals/interference (not sure if it has one, but I can hear static)

Bottom line:

• A good speaker and an MP3 player with a working FM radio and useless AM radio.


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