DMYCO Mechanical Feeling Gaming Keyboard Review


The keyboard is affordable and has a nice premium build. This is good for people who wants a keyboard that is close to a mechanical keyboard with great feedback but with less noise. The raised key switches makes it comfortable to type on and has some resistance which is much better than other rubber dome keyboards.

Since I don’t have 19 fingers,  I was only able to test the anti-ghosting feature for only 17 keys at once for combinations such as AWSD, JIKL, and arrow keys (used all of my fingers and elbows). The FN button is useful for multimedia keys and shortcuts such as a calculator.

The problem I had was that the space bar had a nonexistent feedback and was almost silent even though it was the only key that had a spring mechanism. Also, There was only 2 rainbow modes (static and fading) and no single color modes like on other keyboard with identical layout and build for the same price.


• The keyboard came in a non-branded plain sturdy cardboard box with good protection


• Durable build quality with brushed aluminum.
• Even though it is not mechanical, the raised key switches has a good feedback compared to other rubber dome keyboards.
• FN button can be used for shortcuts (multimedia, calculator, etc.).
• The 19 key anti-ghosting works great ( only tested 17 keys due to limited fingers)



• The space bar feels completely different from the other keys and has less feedback  and is almost silent.
• Only has two backlight modes which both still light up in a rainbow and cannot switch to a single solid color mode.

Comments and/or Suggestions:

• There are other keyboards that have identical layout and build for the same price with far more LED modes that allows you to change to any single solid color and not limited to rainbow mode.
• I would call it an advanced/hybrid rubber dome keyboard instead of “mechanical feeling.”

Bottom line:

A good gaming keyboard with an affordable price which is better than any other rubber dome keyboards.

Amazon review link

Amazon product link


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