Masione® 2-In-1 Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Transmitter & Receiver

A very small and a useful multifunctional device with a good rubberized build. The sound quality is good for the price and it connects instantly when turning on the Bluetooth on a smartphone (after pairing). The range was good when I streamed music from my bedroom PC to the speakers in the living room. The device could be much better if the bluetooth version was 4.1 with better power management and range instead of the older 3.0.


• The device came in a non-generic box with a good protection and with specifications on the back.
• Includes a MicroUSB to USB charging cable.
• Includes a 3.5mm-to-3.5mm male-to-male cable.
• Includes a detailed instructions manual.


• The device has a good build quality, lightweight, and a tiny size.
• The device has a good sound quality for the price.
• The device has a good range through the walls.
• The device can be used as a receiver and transmitter.
• A very useful device when used in older cars that lack Bluetooth and have an AUX jack.
• The rubberized material on the device feels good and does not have a cheap feel to it.
• The pairing was quick and easy without any problems.


• Only has the older Bluetooth version 3.0 and not 4.0 and up.

Comments and/or Suggestions:

• Could be better if it had Bluetooth 4.1 for a better power management and range for the price you pay.
• The information on the box needs proofreading because the spelling of the specification word was spelled as “Sepcification” on the back.

Bottom line:

Overall, a good device to stream and transmit music, especially in older vehicles with an AUX jack and no bluetooth. However, it needs some improvements (read the comment and suggestion section).

Amazon Review

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NOTE: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and no-nonsense review.


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