Kaizen Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Android

The build quality of the lavalier microphone is good and does not feel cheap. Also, the clamp is really strong and will never fall off when clipped on your clothes.
The microphone has high sensitivity and picks up the voice and background noise. However, to reduce background noise it needs to be used with a better recorder and a better foam cover than the included one or you can clip it under the shirt which is a good way to reduce the noise.
The microphone is good for people that needs to record sound with a full 360 degree coverage.


• The microphone with the leatherette carrying pouch came in a clear plastic resealable pouch (no retail packaging).


• Has a good build quality that does not feel cheap.
• Picks up the voice really good (very high sensitivity).
• Has a strong clip on clamp that will not fall off from your shirt and a good cable length (approximately 5 feet).
• The microphone is good for recording sound with a full 360 degree coverage.


• The high sensitivity microphone picks up background noise (only tested on Galaxy Note 3 default voice recorder and this might not be a con because this is an omni-directional microphone)
• Did not work on the PC that has separate microphone and headphone jack. However, this might not be a con because it has TRRS plug which mainly works with mobile devices.

Comments and/or Suggestions:

• Even though it is an omnidirectional mic, it would be nice if there was some kind of noise reduction because the windscreen does not cover the whole microphone and not that effective.

Bottom line:

Overall, a good microphone with high sensitivity that picks up every sound. However, not the best if you want to record your voice without any background noise and the foam cover does not block the noise.

Amazon Review

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NOTE: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and a no-BS review.


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