GEVO GV2 Fashion Sport Metal Earphones

After owning many different earphones from the cheapest to expensive ones, this one was the mix of both.
The build quality is sturdy and does not feel hollow and plastic.
The sound quality is really good, especially the good amount of bass without any distortion and good mids and highs without any cracking noises. The best thing about the earphones is that it does not fall from my ears due to the shark fins.
The microphone surprised me because the microphone on earphones usually have adequate quality. However, the microphone on this was so clear that it can be used to record audio and not just used for calling. The L shaped 3.5mm plug is durable and has great compatibility for smartphones with cases on.
Finally, one small problem is the common cord noise which happens when the cord is brushed on your chest (had this problem with many earphones). This is when I realized it can be reduced by using the clamp that came with the earphones.


• Packed in a properly branded box with specification on the back and good protection.
• Includes a protective pouch with extra eartips of different sizes and extra shark fins.
• Includes a clamp and warranty card with a user guide.


• Good build quality and does not feel hollow or like cheap plastic.
• Does not fall from the ears due to shark fins.
• Nice sound quality, especially the bass without distortion.
• The microphone quality is clear when talking or even recording audio.
• L shaped 3.5mm plug is useful when using a case on the phone.


• Has the common cord noise (microphonics) when brushed against something (not sure if it is a con).

Comments and/or Suggestions:

• Would be nice if there was volume control.
• The microphone was that impressive that it can be used for voice recording and not just calling.
• There will be an update on how long it lasts and if there is any other problem.

Bottom line:

• Overall, Good earphones with nice sound quality, microphone with a clear voice, and good amount of extra accessories for the price.

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NOTE: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and no-nonsense review.


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