Skmei 1078 Men Quartz Watch

The first impression I had was how smooth and non-sticky the silicone band was which did not have a chemical smell to it. The build quality on the watch is very durable and does not feel flimsy.
The first day I wore the watch to work I already managed to accidentally grazed it on the corner of a wall which left a white paint on the glass. However, I was able to clean the paint and there was no damage to the glass and only had a tiny hairline scratch that was visible only under a bright light.
The watch has an easy to read 12/24 hour time format and a window that shows the date. There is also a rotating bezel that can be used as a timer which is a useful function.
The buckle is much easier to use because it has a two prong rod instead of one prong which usually moves side-to-side.
Finally, the one problem I had with the watch was the glow-in-the-dark feature (even though it was not advertised in the description) that does not last more than a minute after charging it in the sun.


• The watch was in a plastic cover inside a bubble wrap pouch and came in a white sturdy box without any branding.
• The branding and model number is on a tag that was attached to the watch.


• The case of the watch has a good and durable build quality.
• The silicone band feels smooth to the touch and does not feel sticky and has no chemical smell.
• The numbers are easy to read.
• Has 12/24 hour format and a date window.
• Has a rotating dive bezel with 60-minute scale.
• Has a Stainless steel backplate.
• 5ATM water resistance.
• Has a two-prong buckle which is easier to use than the standard one prong.

• The glow-in-the-dark dials do not last long and glow for less than a minute after charging it in the sun.
• The price of the watch was five times higher than its retail price (will not lose a star rating because it can be bought for cheap).

Comments and/or Suggestions:

• The watch needs a different phosphor type to have a long lasting glow because the current type is useless and only glows for a minute or less after charging in the sun.
• The watch can be found for a much cheaper price on Amazon which can cost slightly less or more than 10$ instead of paying 54$.

Bottom line:

Overall, a good quality watch with some good features. However, it needs an improvement on the phosphor material used for the Glow-in-the-dark function.

Amazon Review

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NOTE: I received this product for free in exchange for a no-nonsense review.


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