Pomarks Goldbug Bluetooth Monopod (selfie stick)

This is my first ever selfie stick which I rather call a monopod. The build quality of the stainless steel collapsible rod is very good, not flimsy, and does not loosely extend without some force.
The silicone rubberized handle does not feel hollow, has a secure grip, and comfortable to hold. The phone holder with the spring mechanism is very tight and secure, especially with a large smartphone that I have (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) and has an adjustable knob for locking the angle.
When extending the monopod fully, there is no bending issues when using a large smartphone. The pairing was very simple and without any problems with recognizing the device.
The instruction manual looks like it was translated using google translate but was understandable and helped me on how to setup and use the monopod.
The shutter button works well for photos but did not work for recording videos. I noticed that the shutter button on the monopod emulates the smartphone’s volume button to take photos. Also, I tried the google camera app and the shutter button worked in both camera and video mode because they were separated modes and not on the same screen like on my default camera. However, when using the google camera app, the shutter button on the monopod also triggered the volume which is annoying.
The size of the monopod is compact and pocketable and less than 7.5 inches long when collapsed, and around 21.3 inches long when fully extended (NOTE: measured the steel rod only without the handle).


• Nice quality cardboard box with brand logo and specs of the selfie stick on the back.
• Includes a micro USB cable for charging.
• Includes a nice waterproof pouch for storing the stick.
• Includes an instruction manual.


• The stick has a sturdy build with a rubberized handle that gives it a really good grip.
• The quality of the collapsible rod is really good and does not feel flimsy at all.
• The Bluetooth pairing was easy without a hassle.
• The phone holder uses a spring mechanism and the larger the phone the tighter the grip.
• The phone holder has an adjustable angle with an adjustable knob that can tighten and lock the holder in place.
• No issues of bending when fully extended with a large smartphone.
• Has an adjustable hand strap.


• The shutter button did not work for recording videos but only for taking photos (default camera) but might work on google camera app or any other camera app.

Comments and/or Suggestions:

• The battery size is only 60 mAh with up to 20 hours of working time which is enough. However, the size of the handle could probably fit a much larger battery inside.

Bottom line:

Overall, it is a compact and pocketable monopod/selfie stick with a sturdy and non-flimsy build. However, it could be much better if the shutter button worked for recording videos.

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NOTE: I received the product at a discount in exchange for my honest and no B.S. review.


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