MagicLight® Portable Wireless 10-LED Motion Sensor Light

The first thing I did was check for build quality by doing a twist test to see how solid is the aluminum and if there is any cheap creaking noises and, as a result, there were none. However, even though there is a sticker that says the quality control was passed, I did notice that one side of the light diffuser cover was not fully in and springs back if I try to press on it to put it back in. Also, the lens cover on the motion sensor easily comes off and could get lost.
The ambient sensor works great at detecting light which saves the battery power during daytime. I tried the LED light in the walk-in closet and it was bright enough to see everything I needed. The magnetic strip can be attached everywhere with the 3M adhesive on it which eliminates the use of screws. The LED light uses 4 AAA batteries (not included).
Finally, the main motion sensor feature was disappointing because the range was really low and I had to put my finger very closely to the sensor to automatically turn on the LED light. The LED light stays on for around 10-15 seconds. However, it would be more useful if there was a manual ON/OFF switch.


• The LED light was in a plastic pouch inside a sturdy thin box. Also, the size of the LED light was around 7.5 inches.
• Includes an instruction manual.
• Includes a magnetic strip with 3M adhesive.


• Bright enough for a closet and good at night when going to the bathroom.
• Has an ambient sensor to save battery power.
• Has a sturdy aluminum build with no creaking and cheap noises.
• Can be easily attached anywhere without screws with the magnetic strip.


• The motion sensor has a terrible range and must be touched to even work, which is useless.
• The motion sensor cover with the lens comes off easily and easy to lose.
• The LED diffuser cover is slightly raised on one side and has a give when pressed on it (look at photo below).

Bottom line:

The LED light itself is really good. However, the motion sensor on mine has a terrible range. It would be even better if there was a manual ON/OFF switch.

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NOTE: I received the product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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