GGMM B-Typer Wireless Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Aluminum Rechargeable Compact Keyboard

20160523_192938A very useful keyboard that is perfect for my iPad. Comes with a pouch for protection and a USB cable for charging. After trying to twist and press on the housing of the keyboard, the build quality came out solid and felt premium to the touch with the brushed aluminum.
The pairing with the ipad was quick and easy without any issues.
The slim design is nice and small enough for traveling. However, It was a little uncomfortable at first because it has been a long time since I used a small keyboard which might not be an issue for others.
During the typing test there was no delays or disconnecting problems, which is important for bluetooth keyboards. The keys on the keyboard are comfortable to press and do not have a rattling noise.


• The plastic box was sturdy and did not feel flimsy, which gave the keyboard great protection
• Includes a micro USB cable for charging
• Includes an instruction manual and a separate warranty card
• Includes a silky microfiber carrying pouch


• Sturdy build quality without any creaking or grinding noises
• No lag issues or connection loss when typing.
• Slim and compact design with brushed aluminum material.
• 3 OS modes (iOS, Android, and Windows)
• Comfortable keys without any rattling noises.


• Not really a con, but must get used to the compactness of the keyboard if you are used to full-sized ones.

Bottom line:

Great bluetooth keyboard especially for tablets and without any disconnecting and delay problems during pairing and typing. The quality does not feel cheap at all, and the keyboard looks and feels premium with the brushed aluminum material at the price point.

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NOTE: I received the product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


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