Convoy® Rechargeable USB Bike Tail Light

The first impressions were surprising and blinding. I underestimated this bike light because of its tiny size and foolishly looked at it when turning it on for the first time which gave me a burn-in image spot that I could see for a while wherever I look.
To check the build quality I tried to twist the housing to see how sturdy it is and if there are any grinding/scraping noise and, as a result, the housing was really sturdy and none of those problems occurred during the twisting test. The mounting bracket is nice and durable with thick rubber, tight lock, and with adjustable angles.
One issue I have is with the light operation mode cycling in the instruction manual. I was able to cycle through 5 modes by just pressing the power button. However, the instructions say that there are 2 main modes with different brightness settings with 3 modes each (total 6 modes) which I still do not understand on how to switch them even after following the instructions that says to press and hold for 1.5 seconds. Also, the instruction manual says to press and hold ON/OFF button for 0.5 seconds to turn it OFF which did not work and the light turns off only after cycling through all of the modes. I would have given it a 5 star rating if I knew how to properly cycle through all of the modes.


• A very simple plastic box which was enough to protect this tiny bike light.
• Easy to open without any struggle.
• Includes a mounting bracket and a micro USB cable for charging.


• Surprisingly bright which I found out the hard way after looking at the light when first turning it on.
• Very sturdy and foes not feel cheap. Really good build quality without any moving parts or scraping noises when twisting the housing.
• Has different light modes.
• Works good as a flashlight too.
• Very compact for the power it has.


• Confusion with the light operation in the instruction manual to properly cycle through all of the modes.

Bottom line:

Love this tiny bike light with surprisingly high and blinding brightness which can also be used as an emergency flashlight. However, the instructions in the manual on how to change the different modes are confusing and does not give the right result when following them.

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NOTE: I received the product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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