ZZERO 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset



The first thing I did was try to slightly bend and squeeze the plastic material on both sides to see how is the build quality which was very sturdy and I did not feel any moving parts other than the lens, which is normal.
The door with the phone slot is closed with the use of magnets which I think can last longer than non magnetic ones that you have to snap in place.
There is also a magnetic vent cover that can be removed for heat reduction for your phone.
The padding has perforations to allow airflow and felt really soft and comfortable when wearing the headset (no padding inside the nose indentation). Also, the headset is lightweight and still felt comfortable to wear when adding a large phone inside it.
One of the features I liked is the adjustable lens which can also be adjusted separately for each eye (good for people that want to use it without prescription glasses).
Putting the phone in the slot takes time to get used to because it is not so easy and can be annoying (might be easier with smaller phones). Also, the EVA stickers are a MUST because the buttons on the phone always gets pressed and the phone can slide side to side if you move your head quickly. The instruction manual was really helpful especially if a user did not know what to do with the EVA stickers.
There is slight light bleed through the indentation for the nose (did not bother me).



• The headset was in a bubble wrap and in a nice sturdy slide-out box.
• Includes a dry and wet wipes and a microfiber cloth for the lens.
• The lens had a protective film to prevent from scratches when in the box
• Includes one strip with 5 EVA stickers to prevent the buttons on the phone from being pushed when in use.
• Includes an instruction manual.


• Has an adjustable and a durable headband
• The quality of the lens are really good
• Great and comfortable padding with perforations for air to pass through
• Has forward/backward and left/right adjustable switches for the lens and can adjust each eye independently (very useful for glasses wearers).
• Has space on each side to plug in headphones
• Has a magnetic door with the phone slot which can last longer than the snap based door.
• Has a magnetic vent cover that can be removed to reduce heat of the phone


• Inserting the phone into the slot was not easy (Samsung Galaxy Note 3). Also, the phone could slide if the EVA stickers are not used.
• No button for the touchscreen of the phone.

Bottom line:

Really good price for this lightweight VR headset with some useful features. However, it could have been even better if it was much easier to insert large smartphones into the slot such as the Samsung Galaxy Note series. Also, would have been better if there was padding for the nose which could probably prevent the slight light bleed from the nose indentation.

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NOTE: I received the product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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