DanForce [Ultra Slim] Qi Wireless Charger


This wireless charger out of the box looks very simple and slim and can be stored anywhere. The quality of the charger is very sturdy and does not feel cheap.
The charging speed was okay and a blue LED lights up around the transparent glass when it is charging (there is also a red power indicator LED that light up in the middle of the core when the charger is plugged. However, it was not fast charging like it said in the description and was even slower when using with a case on. Also, the amazon description says that the output is 5V-1.5A, however, on the back of the product it says 5V-1A, which is the reason for the slower charging speed. The micro USB cable is short and did not include a power adapter, which did not reach my computer desk and I had to test it on the floor.


• Minimalistic packaging with good protection.
• Included an instruction manual and a micro USB cable.


• Durable build quality.
• Simple transparent look and slim design with blue LED that lights up around when charging.
• Easy to use and does not even need an instruction manual.


• Short 2.5 ft micro USB cable and does not reach my computer desk.
• Did not include a power adapter (might not be a con because the power adapter from the phone can always be used).
• Not the best charging speed even though the description says fast charging (not faster than my Samsung charger).

Bottom line:

Overall, it is a simple and sleek Qi wireless charger with standard charging speed. However, would be better if the output was also 2 Amps and if there was a longer micro USB cable. This charger is good for people that are NOT in a hurry who just needs a quick charge which can be done with normal non-wireless fast charger.

Amazon Review

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NOTE: I received the product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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