X007 Quadcopter (3rd Gen)

The quadcopter is not for beginners and was still not tuned out of the box which prevents it to lift up straight from the ground without tilting forward. The camera is wide angle 720p and comes with a 4GB MicroSD card. However, the camera is more grainier than the 2nd gen version and the microphone has a loud noise when recording. The battery is still not that easy to take out from the compartment which is fragile and felt like it could break easily when taking the battery it out. Also, the instruction manual was not that clear or accurate and still does not say how to take the battery out.


• Nice and sturdy box which protects the quadcopter.
• Included replacement propellers.
• The quadcopter comes with a US charger, a MicroSD USB reader, and an instruction manual.



• Have propeller guards that reduces damage if it hits a wall or some other obstacle.
• Comes with an already installed 4GB MicroSD card.
• Has a 4 Channel 2.4ghz radio instead of infrared.
• Can shoot photos and record HD videos during flight.


• The remote control feels cheap and fragile. The ON/OFF switch for the remote is kind of springy and felt like it is going to come off.
• There is still no ON/OFF in this 3rd gen version and the only way to turn it on is to take out the battery and plug the wires in and put it back inside the compartment..
• The quadcopter was not tuned straight out of the box and not easy to fly.
• Difficult to take out the battery from the compartment which can break easily and feels cheap.
• The microphone has a loud noise when recording (might not be a con because most people would add a soundtrack to the video) and the camera is more grainier than the 2nd gen version.

Bottom line:

Not a bad quadcopter if it is tuned correctly. However, I would not call this a 3rd gen because there is absolutely no improvements over the 2nd gen version. Not that easy to use for beginners and has a learning curve. Nothing was changed over the 2nd gen version (see cons) except that now the microphone has a loud noticeable noise and the camera is more grainier.

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NOTE: I received the product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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