Masione X11 Gaming Mouse Review


A nice looking multifunctional optical mouse with DPI settings and a braided cord. The LED can be turned off and it cycles through different colors when it is on.
The scroll wheel has some resistance when scrolling and have to get used to it until some of the rubber wears off or you can mod it. However, I did not have any squeaking problems though (See an update at the bottom of the review).
The fire button on the side is hard to press and needs a lot of pressure. The back and forward buttons are programmed to the buttons on top of the mouse instead of the side for the thumb. Also, the mouse did not come with any software and I had to search on google for it because the Masione brand did not even have an official website.


• The mouse came wrapped in a thin bubble wrap inside a generic white box that was already smashed.
• There was no CD
• There was a tiny one page manual that had description for the button functions (function 9 and 10 were wrong and are reversed)


• Cool looking design with multiple LED colors
• Multifunctional buttons (can be reprogrammed with the software)
• DPI settings and a convenient minimize button
• Braided cord
• The plastic does not feel cheap or smell of chemicals and has a metal body


• The fire button (by default) is hard to press and needs more pressure
• Cheap generic packaging with no software CD and a 1 page manual with errors
• Have to get used to the scroll wheel resistance when scrolling (will probably wear off and it will get easier to scroll).

Bottom line:

Overall, a nice mouse with accurate tracking that has DPI settings. The multifunctional buttons can be reprogrammed with the software which you can find by googling “masione x11 drivers” and clicking on a website called draggonblogger. However, the packaging should have been more durable and include a software CD.

UPDATE #1: After some use I noticed some squeaking when using the scroll wheel (especially at night)

UPDATE #2 (04/24/16): The mouse started to randomly disconnect and reconnect for few seconds with a Windows disconnect sound and there is a static sound in the speakers when it happens. At first I thought it was my USB port, however, I tried a different mouse and there was no problems. The issue is that the mouse might have a break in the usb cable or the connector, which did not last long (could be because of a tight packaging or bad quality USB cord).
The rating was changed from 4 to 3 stars.

UPDATE #3 (05/13/16): I received my replacement 2 days ago and so far everything works great again without disconnection issues. Also, I noticed that there is no squeaking noise when using the scroll button on this replacement mouse which I had before on the first mouse. The rating was changed back to 4.

UPDATE #4 (05/21/17): The Back Button is dead. Now it works again maybe because its a problem with windows or a disconnecting issue.

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NOTE: I received the product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  1. Johnny Joel Maldonado Romero says:

    Thank you for your excellent and accurate information. Very helpful for me.


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