Omars iPhone Flash Drive 128G 3.0 USB Extended Lightning Connector Review

A nice USB Drive with a lightning connector and can be used as an extended storage of your iDevice!


LATITOP Toaster 2 Slice

A nice toaster with features such as wide slots to fit bagels and defrost function!

EasySMX USB Type C Cable 1M Stretchable Retractable Charging Cable

The best part of this Type C USB cable is the way it retracts back and not like any other retractable cable that has a plastic enclosure with their thin fragile cables. The cable is very durable and tough and the connectors have good build quality. The cable works without any problems with compatibility. The…

HAMSWAN CM-1177B Coffee Maker

Great for students, especially in medical school or any healthcare field for its simplicity, fast brewing, and easy clean up.

iXCC Phone Stand

Overall, a nice and solid stand that can hold a large device without flipping over or bending.